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For over 2 decades, Scott and Katrina Moffatt have invested their lives in lost students. Evangelizing and discipling them to be Christ-centered laborers, so they will enjoy God for a lifetime and impact others for Christ, wherever they are and wherever they go.

The students of the Greek and Jewish fraternities and sororities are being introduced to God, the creator of heaven and earth, and His son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Discipling them to grow in a personal relationship with their Savior so that they can impact others for Christ in their spheres of influence. Many of these students are internationals who will return to their homeland bearing the gospel.

Make check payable to “Campus Crusade for Christ” & include a note with the Moffatts’ name & account # 0428823 (leave memo line blank).

Campus Crusade for Christ

Attn: Contributions

P.O. Box 628222

Orlando, FL 32862-8222

Give Online: Designate Account #0428823

Pray for Students: Request Newsletter

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